Alpha Performance Verification Services Expertise

GIPS Verification

Alpha Performance Verification Services specializes in providing GIPS compliance and verification services.  Whether your firm is considering GIPS compliance or is looking to improve or update your GIPS policies and procedures, Alpha Performance Verification can assist using an objective, independent review process.

Alpha assures compliance for investment advisers by providing:

Pre-Verification & Compliance Consulting

Our pre-verification consultation covers calculation methodologies, composite membership guidelines, and a review of marketing and advertising disclosures.

Firm-wide GIPS Verification

Verification is intended to provide a firm and its existing and prospective clients additional confidence in the firm's claim of compliance with the GIPS standards.   

Performance Examination

A performance examination can only be performed after or in conjunction with a firm-wide GIPS verification.  This consists of a detailed examination of an individual composite's track record and reviews the input data and calculations behind the composite return to verify accuracy.  Many consultants and clients prefer a performance examination.

Investment Performance Verification

Alpha Performance Verification Services  has performed investment performance verifications for non-GIPS firms, investment models and investment newsletters.

With Alpha Performance Verification you get:

  • CPA, CIPM and CFA Charterholder professionals conducting your verification

  • Verifications that are conducted by senior level professionals with money management experience

  • Cost-effective verifications